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Esplanade In Action - Pesta Tanglung (Mid Autumn Festival)

The Esplanade was beautifully lighted up during the Mid Autumn Festival with the Pesta Tanglung featuring many cultural events, performances and fun-filled activities. Many people turned up for the outdoor event despite the rain which did not damper the festivity mood.

Pesta Tanglung at Esplanade

The event was organized by the Penang State Tourism Development, Culture, Arts & Heritage.

The celebration included Chinese cultural groups performing the dragon and lion dance backed by a twenty-four drum troupe.
Lion Dance at Esplanade
Drum Performance at Esplanade
Drum Performance at Esplanade
Dragon Dance at Esplanade

These graceful ladies melted out a traditional fan dance to the cheering audience…..
Fan Dance at Esplanade
…while the young and vibrant did a fast number.

Displayed of Chinese red lanterns which lighted and beautified up the place.

Everyone was having a great time at this Pesta despite the thick clouds preventing the gazing of the full moon.

Young children and even adults gleefully carrying colorful paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes. It’s great to see the continuation of this tradition.
IMG_5832 IMG_5840
Lantern Festival at Esplanade
Beautiful light and color of the lantern!
Zac Teo

Zac Teo

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  1. Very nice pics. You capture the festive mood really well.

  2. It would be a perfect outing and celebration if it did not rain on that night. Still everyone was having a great time too.
    Thanks for visiting this blog of mine.


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