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Penang Celebrates World Tourism Day

The World Tourism Day was celebrated on 27th September 2009. Generally, this day serves to raise awareness within the international communit...
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Mid Autumn Festival in Penang

The Mid Autumn Festival commonly known in Malaysia as the Moon Cake and Lantern Festival falls on 3 rd October 2009 this year. Numerous ver...
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Penang’s Living Heritage - Joss Stick Maker

Joss sticks are commonly burn by the Chinese during religious festival. There are many different types of joss stick and each type is used f...
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Pinang Peranakan Mansion at Church Street, Penang

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion is located at Church Street, Penang. This “Baba Nyonya” Museum showcases the lifestyle and culture of the eclec...
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Chinese Opera Shows a dying art in Penang?

Chinese Opera shows dwindling since the turn of the new century Modernization playing a role whereby younger generations are more void of su...
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