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Chinese Opera Shows a dying art in Penang?

  • Chinese Opera shows dwindling since the turn of the new century
  • Modernization playing a role whereby younger generations are more void of such traditions
  • Opera shows in danger of being a dying art less something is done to save it

Chinese opera which is the combination of drama and musical theater is a great art and it has
never been easy to master all the skills. It is one of the heritage tradition for the Chinese in
Penang. We can see the opera show everywhere in town especially during the "Ghost Festival"

It showcases performers with great singing and acting abilities in grand and colorful costumes.
Thus, it should be reserved and it certainly deserve our big loud applauses.



Besides having all the above skills, they are great make-up artist too. They can get themselves
beautifully done up in a very short time.

The performers looking beautiful and magnificent…all ready for the performance.
Zac Teo

Zac Teo

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