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Top 5 Food at Cecil Street (7th Road) Market, Penang

Instead of going around to various coffee shops around Penang hunting for a particular dish, why not head over to a place that has it all?

Penang is synonymous with great hawker fare. Ranging from the perennial favourites of Char Koay Teow to Lor Bak, there are hidden treasures of culinary delights all around the historical Georgetown area. Locals and tourist alike flock in the masses to the Cecil Street Market in Cecil Street for some daily marketing and enjoying some food. Prices are quite reasonable, and there are ample car parks in the market parking space.

Here are list of top 5 dishes at the Cecil Street Market you shouldn’t miss.

1. Pasembur

Top 5 Food at Cecil Street (7th Road) Market, Penang
Tea time is always a perennial favorite with the crowd, and a popular choice is the Pasembor. Prepared in a Chinese style, the Pasembor comes with a generous amount of shredded cucumber, yam bean, deep fried fritters, and bean curd. What makes this Pasembor distinct from the others is the addition of fresh jellyfish, which simply enhances the flavor. The dish is rounded off with a ladleful of sweet and slight spicy potato gravy.

2. Koay Teow Th’ng

Top 5 Food at Cecil Street (7th Road) Market, Penang
One of the most iconic and famous stalls in Cecil Street Market is the Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng. Typically a handful of noodles is cooked in a plain broth and topped with ingredients such as sliced meat and fish balls, however over here the toppings are unique in the shape of duck meat, fish cakes and duck’s blood. Garnished with spring onions, its a relatively simple yet powerful fare with a touch of soy sauce. For a touch of luxury, do order the duck drumstick as a side order!

3. Char Koay Teow / Fried Noodles

Top 5 Food at Cecil Street (7th Road) Market, Penang
One particular delicacy is the Char Koay Teow, which is synonymous to Penang and famed throughout South East Asia! The ingredients used for preparation of this dish are the common Chinese sausages, chives, bean sprouts, prawns, cockles, chili paste and garlic. The fried noodles, either Koay Teow or Bee Tai Bak, is fried to perfection, with the color slightly golden brown and the use of eggs ensuring the moist finishing and smooth texture. On top of that, the dish is kept simple yet it combined well with the aromatic chives, semi-raw cockles and crunchy bean sprouts.

4. Lor Bak

Top 5 Food at Cecil Street (7th Road) Market, Penang
Lor Bak is a traditional Chinese delicacy whereby minced marinated pork are wrapped in soya skin and subsequently deep fried. It is served along with several other staples such as prawn fritters and beancurd over at Cecil Street Market. The signature Lor Bak is wrapped in only a thin layer of bean curd skin, thus the lorbak is crispy on the outside and the meat well marinated, tender and juicy. Besides that, the prawn fritters is another crowd favorite, with the use of fresh small shrimps to make the fritters, along with a thin layer of batter to hold it altogether. It is simply scrumptious with the combination of chili sauce and thick soy sauce gravy.

5. Lam Mee

Top 5 Food at Cecil Street (7th Road) Market, Penang
Perhaps not the fare that immediately comes to mind when mentioning Penang hawker food, the Lam Mee or also known as Birthday Noodles deserves an honorable mention in this list nonetheless. Rich broth cooked with prawns relatively similar to Hokkien Mee but minus the chili, the prawn flavours envelope the handful of yellow noodles very well. Topped with sliced prawns and sliced lean pork, this is a great alternative from Koay Teow Th’ng.

Being such an iconic food haven in Penang, this Cecil Street Food Market has been covered extensively by much of the online and printed media. For more reading, do head over to some of the links below, or do share your comments with in the comments box below. Happy eating!

Cecil Street Market Hawker Center
40-48, Lebuh Cecil, 
George Town, 10300 Penang
Business Hours: 7.30am till 7pm
Closed every alternate Wednesday

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Zac Teo

Zac Teo

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