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The growing trend of fashionable Char Koay Teow Sellers of Penang

Penang is famous for its hawker food and Char Koay Teow is one of them. These are two famous CKT sellers on Lorong Selamat in Penang. Just look at their outfit as compared to CKT sellers in the olden days. Definitely very fashionable with caps and goggles.

More info and photos on this delicacy can be view here.

IMG_0430 IMG_0441

Zac Teo

Zac Teo


  1. CK ,why this is not in your what2see ?

    Does char koay teow need such equipmnets to prepare one ?

    Hahaha ...they look like going to the battle ! Anyway , it's interesting and thanks for sharing !

    Their prawns are really big ,no wonder they become the most famous !

    I also send this post to my USA's sister because her daughter really like Char Koay teow very much!

  2. Bakeling - This is just another extra article on them. Hope your relatives like the post.

  3. hahahaha I always call them The Wonder Woman vs The Spider Man !

  4. Big Boys Oven - That sounds great for the title of the post. Why didn't I think of that?...haha

  5. IMHO, these 2 CKT vendors are just showy. The real deal is in the taste of the dish & not the costume worn by the person behind the wok. As a local Penangite, I have to say there are numerous CKT places which fare much, much better in terms of taste. Not as flashy outfits, but definitely surpasses the taste of these tourist traps.

    But then again, that's just my personal opinion. :)

    P/S - Try the CKT at the Pulau Tikus market at night. Ask for duck's eggs. Lots of locals swear by it.

  6. Will do Eleen... sure to try out the CKT :)

  7. Now and again, fashion patterns is considered as crazes, are offensively whimsical. go


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