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Memory Lane of Penang

Going down the memory lane of Penang.
Life was simpler back then when people do not need to travel much to buy things as vendors will come to their door steps. Check out how the vendors looked like way back then. 

image005Many kids would wait for the balloon man to pass by 

 image006 I am sure many of us would remember our favorite ice-cream guy
 image008Back then breakfast was mostly eaten at home  

image007Housewives need not travel to do their daily marketing
image009Even light furniture comes to the door steps

These pictures certainly bring back lots of good old Penang to many of us. Many thanks to my friend, Aik Chin for sharing all these pictures of the vendors.

Zac Teo

Zac Teo


  1. hi,
    tahnks for sharing. it really recall my childhood time. I really miss that Indian Uncle who sold the "Roti". We called him "Ali" and his roti named as "Ali Roti". After 10 years, we jsut find out, his name is not Ali. hahaha...

  2. Thanks for dropping by tavy.
    It is quite common to use nicknames then and we still do it nowadays for reasons that we don't even know...haha

  3. Yup CK these pics do bring some memory back. When i was small i still remember there was a push cart Char Hor Fun, Indian Kuih/ Laksa and roti which pass by my place at Tg Tokong.


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