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Traditional Doors in Penang

There are a number of temples and buildings that has beautiful traditional door. Some of them have bright and warm colors while others are decorated with door knockers in the shape of the lion head.




This original antique door with cravings has a solid iron bolt attached.


What a sight to behold. Looks like a jigsaw puzzle to me! This door is made up of many vertical wooden planks slotted in side by side. Numbering is done so as it fits correctly.


Zac Teo

Zac Teo

Zac Teo is a Penang boy, being born and raised on this island. A music lover that always seeks new music to enjoy along with his daily dose of coffee; he loves traveling, exploring and also hunting for the latest food around the island. His penchant on writing about his beloved island led to him starting up in 2015.

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