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Street Food – Kacang Putih

Kacang putih, kacang putih….that’s what this Indian man is selling. It’s good to see the kacang putih sellers plying the roads. You will find little treats of roasted peanuts, tapioca chips, green peas, muruku and many more which are all very crunchy and addictive. It used to be packed in a cone shaped container made from newspaper but nowadays, they go for convenient plastic bags.
Most of us still remember that they used to sell near bus stops and in front of cinemas in the earlier years. Nowadays most of this treats are mainly sold in the supermarkets.
Zac Teo

Zac Teo

Zac Teo is a Penang boy, being born and raised on this island. A music lover that always seeks new music to enjoy along with his daily dose of coffee; he loves traveling, exploring and also hunting for the latest food around the island. His penchant on writing about his beloved island led to him starting up in 2015.

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