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8 reasons why you should stay in G Hotel Gurney the next time you visit Penang

The facade of Penang bears much reliance on the scenic Gurney Drive, and what better way to enjoy it than G Hotel Gurney, as Zac Teo explores...

The G representing G Hotel Gurney. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

With spectacular views of Gurney Drive, the interior's Asian accents — wooding panellings and soft tones — merge with retro elements such as funky-art chairs and ambiance lighting to create a wonderful home-away-from-home experience to residents of the G Hotel Gurney. With a total of RM35 million spent on a total revamp of the entire establishment, the hotel proudly reopened and debut its new look earlier this year. was invited to visit the grand hotel, and with great joy we bring you the 8 reasons to stay at G Hotel Gurney the next time you're in Penang!

1. The Lobby! Naturally everyone would step into any hotel lobby before checking in, and it is there that G Hotel Gurney really captures the heart with its warm ambiance and relaxing lighting. Kept spacious and open-spaced, the lobby is kept soft with wooden panelings adoring the walls while housing boutiques, check-in counters and comfortable lounge seatings. Take a moment if you're there to admire the way naturally light fills up the entire space in the day, yet kept cozy from searing solar rays.

 The interior of the lobby of G Hotel Gurney Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

2. Great location - Goes without saying, being comfortably nestled between two major shopping malls in Penang - Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon. Being walking distance to these two major attractions is a major plus point, especially those visiting from foreign lands that wish for convenience of walking to food, drinks, shopping points and to the sea! The lobby of G Hotel Gurney faces out the majestic Gurney Drive and its seafront.

 Exterior facade leading to the lobby of G Hotel Gurney. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

3. Spacious Rooms - We had the opportunity to review the Executive Suite during our stay at G Hotel Gurney and the revamp really shows great promise. Rooms are kept classy yet comfortable, with pale shades providing soft comfort to the surroundings and full amenities to cater for families. Those visiting Penang with large families or children should definitely consider the variety of suites available at G Hotel Gurney. 

  View of the Executive Suites. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

4. Free minibar! Little treats go a long way, some say... and it could never resonate any truer at G Hotel Gurney. It is a great perk that the minibar is complimentary, and it gives residents (at least for me) great joy to enjoy some beverages and selection of chocolates while staying at G Hotel Gurney. This perks is enjoyed at the Executive Suites, and this greatly highlights the efforts by G Hotel Gurney to make the living experience as complete as possible.

Complimentary minibar at the Executive Suites. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

5. A view to die for - Those living on the island may sometimes take for granted the simple things in life, and none more apparent than the beauty of Gurney Drive. Yes, with current expansion works underway, it may not be the views of yesteryear but when you take a moment to admire the seafront while living at G Hotel Gurney, you will find that the coast along the North East of Penang island is simply gorgeous.

 The bathroom of the Executive Suites. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

6. Tea time at the Executive Lounge - The 15th floor of the building houses a cozy and exclusive Executive Lounge for residents of the executive floors and suites. Nicely tucked onto the cozy arm chairs, diners can enjoy light snacks and a plethora of alcoholic beverages while enjoying the view of the Gurney seafront. This lounge is available for breakfast and tea time.
 Sumptuous spread for tea time at the Executive Lounge. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

7. Rooms to die for - Heading back to the rooms on the late evening to get some rest, that's when you will be able to enjoy the very basis of living in a hotel ... a comfortable bed for good night's rest. Touches of exquisiteness is present with the delightful pillow menu, which in turn spoils residents with a selection of comfortable pillows to rest on. Shut off the curtains, dim down the lights and doze the night away!

 Interior of the bedroom of the Executive Suites. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

8. The deck - Last but not least, one particular part that I enjoy is the outdoor deck at G Hotel Gurney. Housing the swimming pool, gymnasium and spa on the 3rd floor, you would find that you could possible have been transported to another serene world as the bustling crowds from shoppers are drowned away. The 3rd floor is likened to an oasis with a relatively spacious swimming pool and wooden decks to while the afternoon away.

Swimming pool on the 3rd floor of G Hotel Gurney. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

Accommodation was provided by G Hotel Gurney Penang (168A Gurney Drive, 10250 Penang). Rooms at G Hotel Gurney range from the Deluxe Room, Executive Room, Executive Suite, XL Suite, G Suite, Duplex, and the L Suite. For reservations, please call +604 238 0000 or visit their website

Zac Teo

Zac Teo

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