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Chinese Lantern - Mooncake Festival

During the Mooncake festival, it is a custom to buy these lanterns for young children to play with in celebration of this occasion. Although the festival only falls in the eight month of the Chinese calendar (which is in September), some shops are already selling these beautiful paper lanterns.
This particular sundry shop displayed a huge selection of paper lanterns that uses candle as well as battery lanterns.
These colourful and artistic lanterns comes in different shapes and sizes. Prices varies according to the design.
Zac Teo

Zac Teo


  1. Hi CK Lam, wow! You're a good photographer. Love your shots, outstanding!
    I have not seen these lanterns a long time.
    Gosh, they're really beautiful too.
    Wish I can get one, a horse and hang it in our solarium.
    I love photography too, but more on portraits...I make women look beautiful thru my lens...still using my old Nikon F601 with its portrait lens, 35mm-135mm, film camera.
    Anyway, you have fun shooting and keep well, Lee.

  2. those lanterns remind me of small i wish i could get back in time...nowadays i think with new type of lantern with batteries has taken away the traditional mood..

    awwww...really misss those time playing with candles and remembered purposely burned down my paper lantern..hehe..

  3. u.lee - these beautiful lanterns will only be display around the mooncake festival. They are still very much in demand even with children nowadays. I find them very colouful.

    tau sar phneah - totally agree with you that the traditional lanterns is still the brings out the beauty of the lantern itself.

    After the festival, my mum used to fold and keep the lanterns and reuse it for the next year...cheaper that way :)

  4. Hi CK, your pictures of glass paper lanterns brought back memories of me and my mom :-) For me, they are far better and most beautiful compared to the plastic and battery operated lanterns. Traditional lanterns are transparent and colorful. Even without the candles they are colors of rainbows when displayed under the daylight outside the shops. Plastic version looked opaque and had this feeling of stiffness even though they are safer with sounds and light effects; unless you use rechargeable batteries, you have to fork out money for normal batteries & polluting earth instead of recycle. Candles use in traditional lanterns are made from beeswax and biological. Ok, if want, it can be converted to battery operated as well :-P Most kids are careful with candles cos they don't want it to catch fire or they won't get new ones :-D

  5. BTW... I'm thinking of recreating this concept if I go back to EU for winter. Then I have to carry the glass papers in my luggage. It's cheaper in Penang :-D

  6. Pixen - It is a great idea recreating this concept. Carrying the glass papers won't be a problem as they are very light and won't add much weight to your check-in luggage.

    Hope you will make a post on the colourful lanterns and share with me.


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