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Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre, Penang

The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre is located in Macalister Road, adjacent to the UMNO Building.
Right in front of the building is the Memorial Garden which displayed a sculpture of Dr. Sun and his followers. This place is open to the public who wishes to learn more about the historical leader and his activities in Penang. There is also a library and they have programs which provides teaching on traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting as well as training in performance arts.

Macalister Road Sun Yet Sen Memorial Centre 2

If you wish to know more of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre, please call 04-2296118.
Located inside the premises is the restaurant, @The Sun, Autumn Lounge and the Gift Boutique. Visitors and the public get to dine at the restaurant or just relax over a cup of coffee at the lounge.
One afternoon my hubby and myself had lunch in the restaurant after which we proceeded to the lounge to have the dessert. Relaxing on the big arm chairs, sipping coffee and admiring the displayed souvenir pieces in the cozy environment and settings is very relaxing.

Indeed an eventful afternoon, taking a stroll down memory lane while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Zac Teo

Zac Teo

Zac Teo is a Penang boy, being born and raised on this island. A music lover that always seeks new music to enjoy along with his daily dose of coffee; he loves traveling, exploring and also hunting for the latest food around the island. His penchant on writing about his beloved island led to him starting up in 2015.

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