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Vintage Cars Parade @ Penang

There was a showcase of Vintage/Classic Car held in the Esplanade, Penang in November 2008. Hubby and myself went to see the impressive variety of these cars. Organised by the Malaysia & Singapore Vintage Cars Club, this year’s Penang Round Island Rally will celebrate the recent UNESCO listing of George Town as a World Heritage Site.
P1110825P1110823 P1110826
The classic MG (MG got its name from "Morris Garages") with the driver's accessories.
This unique and compact vehicle still has the crank starter.
P1110838 P1110844
The elegant and majestic Buick which comes with two spare tyres attached near to both of its front wheels.
I could not resist taking a photo with this red beauty with its unique air horn.
P1110849P1110846 P1110848 P1110850
Another MG with the a folded bonnet and all the classic accessories.
P1110840 P1110841
This is another MG in red.
Classic radiator cap and headlamp.
P1110857 P1110858
Another version of MG with sleek, well polished wooden dashboard.
Photo of my hubby with one of the participant, Mr Tan who is a car enthusiastic himself. After a brief conversation, I came to know that he is a reader of my food blog.
P1110814 P1110809
A newer version of the MG.
This Volvo has one of hubby's favourite TV series character, The Saint. He can imitate the finger but he can't get that ring on his head.
P1110830 P1110832
Different version of the Corvette.
P1110836 P1110860 P1110859
This Jaguar came rolling in to join the pack.
All the cars lining up in a row.
Zac Teo

Zac Teo


  1. Tan - Do you happen to have the Bentley photos with you?
    Would be nice if you could let me have a peek.

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