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North Banquet 2016 in Butterworth, Penang

Penang is constantly spoiled with glamorous events to celebrate the coming together of greatness, however it's a first this time around for a momentus gala dinner held for the very first time in Butterworth, as Zac Teo explores.

The North Banquet 2016 -The Hosts & The VIPs was the first Red Carpet Gala Dinner in Butterworth organised by CHTNetwork in collaboration with Ichi Media for the first time. This dinner was established to identify the influential personalities as hosts and provide them a platform to invite their VIPs to this momentous Red Carpet Event in Butterworth. This will subsequently further promote various business industries such as tourism, manufacturing and hospitality to strengthen the economy and business opportunities both local and abroad.

The North Banquet 2016 was held on the 30th July 2016, Saturday at Sunway Carnival Convention Centre, Butterworth with great support from fellow sponsors: Sunway Hotel, RADO, Royals Blue, Airmas Group and Shiseido Professional. The night started with a cocktail reception and moved on to the gala dinner celebration. To cap off the night, there was also an auction of RADO’s limited edition of fine luxury watch and a specially designed jewellery piece from Royals Blue.

Ch'ng Huck Theng giving an opening address. Photograph: Zac Teo/

This grand event was made even grander by selected entertainment and the appearance of Petr Feher, an European-born Celebrity Chef with over 20 years of culinary experience. He designed a fine dining menu for the gala dinner, with the following dishes.

Hokkaido Scallops for appetizers. Photograph: Zac Teo/

Blue Crab Meat for appetizers. Photograph: Zac Teo/

Stuffed Chicken Meat and Poached Cod Fish combo for appetizer. Photograph: Zac Teo/

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Praline for dessert. Photograph: Zac Teo/

A unique coffee table book, featuring both sponsors and the hosts, was also published and distributed to commemorate this important event.

Fellow distinguished guests during the award presentation. Photograph: Zac Teo/ would like to express its appreciation to IchiMedia and CHTNetworks for extending this opportunity to attend this North Banquet dinner.

Zac Teo

Zac Teo

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