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A classy place for Dim Sum? Golden Phoenix at Hotel Equatorial Penang is your answer!

In Chinese culinary culture, Dim Sum has always had an eternal place among the staples. Most fortunately, Golden Phoenix at Hotel Equatorial Penang proves to be a classy place for Dim Sum with its new additions to the menu, as Zac Teo explores...

Dim Sum is essentially tiny bits of Chinese delicacies dating back from the days of emperors, and it has stayed in our culinary culture ever since. Traditionally served with tea, this practice originated many years ago from Southern China. Dim Sum can be prepared in a variety of ways - steamed, backed, fried and come in either sweet or savory! This is proudly embodied in Penang by the Golden Phoenix restaurant at Hotel Equatorial Penang. has been invited to attend a presentation of the latest menu, aptly named the All-New Dim Sum menu by Golden Phoenix. Excitingly, the Dim Sum kitchen is now headed by Dim Sum Chef Vincent Tan, whose portfolio spans nearly 10 years across Singapore and Malaysia. In turn, his work is overseen by the Executive Chinese Chef Dennis Wong, and they both worked in tandem to create some beautiful Dim Sum for us to savor that afternoon.

Among the new dishes that we enjoyed from the All New Dim Sum menu are the deep-fried bean curd roll with abalone sauce (Sin Jook Guen), deep-fried scallop and Kataifi prawn (Long Shou Guen) as well as the pan-fried chicken bun (Gao Bat Lei Bao).

One particular dish that Chef Vincent has newly created into the menu is the steamed prawn dumpling with chili oil (Hong Yao Shui Gao). We had the joy of watching a short food presentation as Chef Vincent freshly prepared these dumplings and topped them off piping hot with a slather of chili oil.

Last but not least, an old time favorite - custard egg tarts or more affectionately known in Cantonese as Daan Tart. However there's a twist by Chef Vincent as he utilizes olive oil and soya bean to replace the traditional butter and milk. Nevertheless, it is excellent and wraps up the meal perfectly.

To commemorate the newly launched All New Dim Sum menu, the Golden Phoenix restaurant is running a promotion whereby there is a free mini abalone siew mai promo (3 pieces), valid for dine-in-lunch for the whole month of July 2017. If you wish to grab hold of the plump morsels which offer a touch of decadence, just:
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  2. SHARE the post on their FB page
  3. Then FLASH the post to Golden Phoenix supervisor to claim the mini abalone siew mai

To sum it all up, there's always a dazzling array of authentic Dim Sum that awaits you at the Golden Phoenix restaurant at Hotel Equatorial Penang. This restaurant has indeed stood the test of time with its constant innovation and changes that allows it to stay current, which in turn is a testament to their kitchen's skilled cooking.

The All New Dim Sum menu at the Golden Phoenix restaurant is available on weekdays from 11.30am - 2.30pm, while dining hours are extended from 8.00am to 2.30pm on weekends and public holidays. Reservations can be made by contacting Hotel Equatorial Penang at 04-6327000. would like to record its appreciation to Hotel Equatorial Penang for extending the invitation to review this All New Dim Sum menu.

Zac Teo

Zac Teo


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