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Tree Bar G Hotel Penang - great place to chill and unwind

Majority of bars and happy hour joints may take up a stereotypical look, however the Tree Bar in G Hotel Penang begs to differ, as Zac Teo explores

The night ambience at Tree Bar, G Hotel Gurney. Photograph: Zac Teo/

Fancy a tree, and a bar built around it. Traditionally large trees do provide shade and coolness to a place, and yet with the phase of modernization and air conditionining the tree by itself stands majestic and close to nature. That's when the latest bar at G Hotel Gurney is aptly named the Tree Bar. Located at the folds of the vicinity between G Hotel and Gurney Plaza, the Tree Bar stands proudly around an 80 plus year old Albizia Saman tree, which a layman would describe as a rain tree with leaves that fold during rain thus incarnating the name of five-o-clock tree. 

The 80 year old rain tree being the focal point of Tree Bar. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

In an al-fresco setting, the initial reaction of a large handful would be its hesitation because of the outdoor seating and subsequent warmth. However, once seated under the shaded tree and allowing oneself to relax, the breeze slowly tickles the skin and soon you'll be acclimatized to the cool weather underneath the 80 year old raintree. Seating wise, the chairs and sofa sets and interspersed andkept low with conventional dining tables offering the comfort. Upon glancing through the menu, you would fine its most glaring and prominent promotion - beers on tap to be the most attractive item followed by the listings of wine, cocktails and liquor. A variety of beer are priced upwards of RM55 nett, encompassing selections such as Hoegaarden, Erdinger Dunkel, Asahi, Connor's Stout as well as Calsberg.
The bartender at Tree bar pouring Erdinger from the tap. Photograph: G Hotel Gurney

I was treated to an invited review of Tree Bar, and was walked through the menu and signature offerings at the establishment. The focal point, on the contrary, is not the beer, but the signature handcrafted cocktails! The bartender team at Tree Bar whips up a long list of classic and also innovated cocktails; incorporating spirits, fresh herbs and also house-made juices and assorted shrubs. The result are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing creations, as I've had the pleasure to try out the Atlantic Breeze and Tequila Sunrise.Generally in the market today there are many odd mixtures calling itself cocktails nowadays, however Tree Bar stays through to some classics such as the Singapore Sling while inventing new creations such as the Malaysian Dream.

The Atlantic Breeze and Tequila Sunrise cocktails. Photograph: Zac Teo/

Much like any bar or lounge, some delectable bites are always an excellent complement to the alcohol, and at Tree Bar it is not different. In fact, this bar dishes up a bold impression in its culinary offerings, with many crowd favourite choices being served on sharing plates for groups of people to savor while enjoying the drinks. A trio of items from the Bites section proved to be good choices - Juicy Chicken Schnitzel Strips, Cajun Dusted Chicken Boxing as well as Garlic & Lime Marinated Baby Octopus. These three delectables were pleasingly scorched yet could be a tad oily, thus cocktails with its sharp shrubs or citrus being excellent accompliments. 

Juicy Chicken Schnitzel Strips at Tree Bar. Photograph: Zac Teo/ 

Cajun Dusted Chicken Boxing at Tree Bar, G Hotel Gurney. Photograph: Zac Teo/

Garlic & Lime Marinated Baby Octopus at Tree Bar, G Hotel Gurney. Photograph: Zac Teo/

The Tree Bar at G Hotel Penang has opened its doors about two years ago, yet over the turn of 2016 it has relaunched itself with an enlarged seating area and new additions to the menu. In general, this place offers a relaxed outdoorish environment for drinking, and it is somehow kept classy with the G Hotel entrance beside it. In the meantime, go for the cocktails; in themselves, they’re worth the trip.

Tree Bar is located at the rear entrance of the G Hotel Gurney, connected to the alfresco dining spot of Gurney Plaza. It is open from 11am to approximately 1am daily, and it can be contactable at +6042380000. Address of G Hotel Gurney is 168A, Gurney Drive, 10250 Penang. This review by has been courtesy of G Hotel Penang.

Zac Teo

Zac Teo

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