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Yap Temple on Penang Heritage Trail

The Yap temple is located in the junction of Armenian Street and Cannon Street in Penang. The piece of land on which this temple is standing on
was donated by well known philanthropist Mr Yeap Chor Ee. The beautiful green ceiling of this temple which was craved by architects from China is a sight to behold.

Magnificent craftsmanship can be seen on the roof with the additional displayed of the three wise men - "fook, lok, sau" which literally means luck, wealth and health. These porcelain figurines of the three wise men are commonly displayed in homes and restaurants.

Zac Teo

Zac Teo

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  1. Fascinating blog you have, CK Lam! I notice on many temples there is a shining sphere in the middle of the roof. Have always wondered its symbolism. Done some search but no luck. Do you happen to know?


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